Highly Sensitivity Water Vapor Permeation Analysis SystemGTR-1000/2000/3000

Able to measure water vapor transmission rate with high sensitivity.

Highly Sensitivity Water Vapor Permeation Analysis System This photo is an example.

This system complies with ISO 15106 / JIS K7129 / JIS K7126. It uses a differential pressure method that can measure WVTR and gas transmission rate of O2 etc. with high sensitivity. It injects the permeate of water vapor and/or test gases into the column of a gas chromatograph, separates them into each component, and calculates the gas transmission rate and WVTR. It is high sensitivity version of conventional products. Highly appropriate for products evaluation of high gas/ water vapor barrier.


  • Able to measure water vapor with high sensitivity Water vapor (10-4g/㎡・24hr)
  • Automatic subtraction of blank
  • Ability to separate permeate into each component and quantify them
  • Test of 3 samples simultaneously with expandable cells (GTR-3000)
  • Time saving-method with a new software
  • Proven gas chromatography


For measurement, research and development of gas and water vapor permeability and barrier properties of polymeric films