Charter of Corporate Behavior企業行動憲章

Ⅰ.General provision

1.Compliance with the charter of corporate behavior

  1. We realize our role of corporation, and we establish and comply with the following charter of corporate behavior.

Ⅱ.For society

1.Compliance with the law

  1. Comply with law and perform corporate activities in sensible manners.
  2. Sever relations with antisocial forces threatening public order or safety.

2.Contribution for society

  1. Respect culture or rules in local society and contribute to the local development.
  2. Think and contribute to the society by each one of us.

3.Respect for environment

  1. Perform eco-friendly corporate activities, such as consideration for familiar environmental issues or conservation toward recycling society.
  2. Comply with the environmental related law, and perform eco-friendly corporate activities in research, development, sales and disposal for products or services.


  1. Always pay attention to safety and eliminate any accidents.
  2. Obtain permissions or approvals in related law or regulations for all international business, do not execute international transactions threatening safety and peace.

Ⅲ.For customers and clients

1.Respect for customers

  1. Customers’ relief, satisfaction and trust are our principles, and provide high quality products and services based on our excellent techniques.

2.Information management

  1. Manage and protect confidential information such as privacy, information of customers and our company, appropriately for any cases.

3.Fair business practice

  1. Engage in equal, fair and clear business with all customers and clients.
  2. Do not tolerate enormous amount of client entertainment or gifts for/from any corporations, organizations and individuals.
  3. Engage in positive, effective and fair business competition with competitors.
  4. Comply with the law and company rules, do accounts processing appropriately and do not tolerate inadequate processing.

Ⅳ.For employees and companies

1.Workplace environment

  1. Comply with the law and company rules, execute the efficient operation with responsibilities by each one of us.
  2. Respect for personality, sense of value, privacy, and provide healthy workplace environment.

2.Prohibition of discrimination

  1. Prohibit the discrimination against gender, age, birthplaces, nationality, race, ethnic groups, opinions, religion, health condition, disabilities, and prohibit discrimination for any reasons.

3.Intellectual property

  1. Respect for other parties’ rights and property and pay careful attention to not violating them. Also, realize intellectual property is origin of our corporate activities, and preserve our rights and property.