No.50 Product shapes(Package・Case)He・H2O permeability analyzer. A new product Measurement of He・H2O permeating from product (e.g.: package ・case) possible
No.49 Product shapes(Package・Case)gas permeability analyzer. A new product Permeability measurement of He filled in product shapes (package ・case) possible
No.48 GTR-PIPE. A new product High sensitive O2, CO2 measurement from pipe, tube
No.47 FID leak checker. A new product Necessities for fuel permeation measurement from hose, tube, pipe and small fuel tank
No.46 Minimum limit of detection for gas permeability analyzer Minimum limit of detection for gas permeability analyzer was drastically improved.
No.45 Belt breakage detector Abnormality of vacuum pump detectable – Prevention trouble from oil reverse flow
No.44 Production stop of Indolene for automotive test fuel CARB CERT We can introduce you the trading company.
No.43 Permeability analyzer for R&D of high pressure tank material R&D of high pressure tank material possible
No.42 Data processing system. Invitation of renewal How about renewing the latest data processing system such as 32 bit win7?
No.41 About imminent He supply Changing TCD carrier gas from He to Ar
No.40 H2 permeation analyzer for metal・high temp. Measurement of H2 permeation from metal such as SUS・AL
No.39 Measurement of blended gas by pressure method with GC possible Measurement of lag time, diffusion and permeation coefficient, permeability by one unit possible
No.38 High sensitive O2 measurement column High separation ability・high shape peak feasible
No.37 GTR-PRESS Measurement of thickness direction permeation for GDL (gas diffusion layer) and gasket possible
No.36 Special data H2S permeability measurement data What’s H2S permeability from PE・PET ?
No.35 Water (liquid) diffusion-solution coefficient analyzer Measurement of Water (liquid) diffusion-solution coefficient, permeability possible
No.34 Safety OVEN for GTR Necessities for solvent・gasoline permeation measurement
No.33 Preconditioning vessel for liquid contact Precise soaking possible
No.32 CARB changed test fuel from CE10 to E10 Automotive test fuel was changed from CE10 to E10 under LEV regulation.
No.31 HCL, SO2, NO2, NH3, permeation measurement/td>

HCL, SO2, NO2, NH3, permeation measurement by Ion Chromatograph method 
No.30 Water standard liquid for GTR 1% water/methanol (A) 1% water/butyl alcohol(B)
No.29 WVTR convergence prediction program Reducing measurement time drastically possible
No.28 Gas permeability analyzer for adhesive・package Measurement of enclosed gas and liquid permeation from package possible
No.27 Highly sensitivity water vapor permeability analyzer GTR-1000 series High sensitivity (WVTR:10-4g/m2・24hr)
No.26 Li-ion battery leakage and permeation analyzer DEC, DMC and EMC leakage or permeation can be measured individually with shapes of products.
No.25 Video for gas permeability measurer Take precise data by low-cost price. Suitable for orientation
No.24 Methane convertor Measurement after converting CO2 to methane possible. Over 100 times sensitivity than TCD
No.23 Harmful component permeation analyzer for instant food vessel such as cup noodle container Measurement of insecticide such as P-chlorobenzene and naphthalene possible
No.22 NH3 permeability analyzer GTR-NH3 NH3 permeability measurable
No.21 Bubbling bottle with liquid level sensor Able to grasp bubbling water volume under humid condition
No.19 Special data N-115 H2 DRY -20℃ -25℃ PH2 QH2 What’s H2 permeability at -20℃ or -25℃ ?
No.18 Water vapor permeability analyzer for golf ball (GTR-GOLF)  
No.17 Gas permeability analyzer for chilled food packing  
No.16 Gas permeability analyzer for resin pipe (GTR-PIPE) Called GTR-SHED. Permeability analyzer for tube and pipe
No.15 Permeability presumption software  
No.14 Measurement GTR column for CFC etc. CFC etc. is possible to separate into individual components.
No.13 Gas, vapor, liquid permeability analyzer for resin tube, pipe (GC-SHED) Adopted by SMRJ in 2004
No.12 Changing adaptor for flow cell permeation area Just putting adaptor on cell. Even small sample measurable
No.11 Polymer electrolytic pin hole detective・permeability analyzer Certified by Kyoto prefecture creation award in 2004
No.10 TCD filament protective analyzer Turning off TCD cell when carrier gas stopped
No.9 Permeability analyzer for rubber hose Permeability analyzer for rubber hose following JIS
No.8 High sensitive O2 meter for O2・GTR Over 100 times sensitivity than TCD. Electrolytic sensor method
No.7 Countermeasure for vacuum pump overheating Abnormality of vacuum pump detectable
No.6 BG reducing filter Improvement of sensitivity by reduced blank. Indispensable for VOC measurement.
No.5 Air drier Needless silica gel absorption pipe
No.4 Film steady state prompting analyzer Effective measurement of high barrier material by one unit
No.3 Gas sampler for GTR Easy reproducible calibration data
No.2 Data processing analyzer for GTR (discontinuance)  
No.1 Software for repeating GTR measurement (discontinuance)