Gas permeability analyzer for chilled food packingGTR-COLD 11A/31A

Gas permeability analyzer for chilled food packing

This system is able to measure permeability of gases such as O2, N2 and CO2 within the temperature range of -20℃ to 100℃ as well as complying with JIS K7126 (Differential method). The system injects the permeate of test gases into the column of a gas chromatograph, separates them into each component, and calculates the gas permeability coefficient and transmission rate of the individual components.


  • Able to measure gas barrier properties for chilled food packing to the temperature of -20℃ to 100℃
  • This system uses gas chromatography with a differential pressure method. Over 100 times sensitivity than equal pressure method
  • Gas transmission rate of O2, N2, CO2 etc. can be tested by this single system
  • Automatic operation and analysis with a data processor
  • This system complies with JIS K7126-A (differential pressure method)


For research and development of chilled food packing