Proton Exchange Membrane Permeation Analysis SystemGTR-10FC/GTR-30FC

Able to humidify and pressurize for both or either sides of test specimens.

Proton Exchange Membrane Permeation Analysis System This photo is an example.

This system complies with ISO 15105-2/JIS K7126-B. It uses an equal pressure method and keeps both sides of films humid. It measures the gas permeability coefficient of H2, N2, O2. It injects the permeate of gases into the columns of a gas chromatograph, separates them into each component, and measures the permeation of each component. Highly appropriate for evaluation of fuel cells’ proton exchange membrane.


  • Gas permeability under both sides of films humid conditions can be measured
  • Ability to measure the gas permeability coefficient and transmission rate of O2, N2, H₂, CO, or water vapor in case of either side of films humid
  • Gas chromatography(TCD) with an equal pressure method
  • High temperature/pressure available
  • Easy to operate with a data processor


For research and development of fuel cells’ proton exchange membrane