GC-SHED (Gasoline etc. Permeation (Evaporation) Analysis System)GC-SHED(GTR-SHED)

Able to measure the gasoline transmission rate through tubes, small fuel tanks, etc.

Gas Permeation Analysis System for resin tubes, pipes, sealing and tanks etc. This photo is an example.

Place the samples such as tubes or tanks into special cells and fill the samples with gasoline. Place the cells inside the temperature-controlled oven. The permeate of gasoline etc. through samples are purged by purge gas. This purge gas is sampled at regular intervals, introduced into gas chromatograph, separated into individual components by the column of gas chromatograph, and then gas transmission rate of the individual components is calculated.


  • Ability to separate permeate into each component and measure transmission rate of gasoline or simulant gasoline such as CE-10. THC is also available.
  • Test of 3 or 6 samples simultaneously and improve measurement efficiency drastically
  • Constant temperature / DBL with a temperature-controlled oven
  • The cleaning for reducing background is unnecessary and improve operating efficiency drastically
  • High sensitivity method can measure 1 piece of small product.
  • The circulating supply of gasoline etc. is available. Able to measure permeability of the vapor.


For permeation or evaporation measurement of gasoline through tubes, fittings, small fuel tanks etc.