PET Bottle Evaluation SystemGTR-BOTTLE

Able to measure transmission rate of plastic bottles.

PET Bottle Evaluation System This photo is an example.

This system complies with ISO 15105-2/JIS K7126-2. It uses JIS adopted gas chromatography that can measure gas and water vapor permeability for plastic bottles. It injects the permeate of gases into the columns of a gas chromatograph, separates them into each component, and quantifies the permeation of each component.


  • Gas/vapor/liquid barrier properties of plastic bottles can be measured
  • Test of PET bottles under external to internal or inside to outside pressure
  • Test of 3 or 6 samples simultaneously
  • Ability to test plastic bottles with various diameters by changing caps
  • Wide range of temperatures with a temperature-controlled oven
  • Ability to test the plastic bottles and caps of bottles
  • Proprietary software enables users to observe the data of the concentration variation of the each component versus time
  • High sensitivity CO2 detector for carbonated beverage available (0.0005cc/pkg・24hr・atm)


For evaluation of the barrier properties of plastic bottles