Li-ion Battery Leakage and Permeation Analysis SystemGTR-LI-ION

Li-ion Battery Leakage and Permeation Analysis System This photo is an example.

This system is able to measure the individual components of the permeation or leakage of electrolytic solution with high sensitivity. Highly appropriate for research development and quality control of li-ion batteries.


  • DMC, EMC and DEC leakage or permeation can be measured with the shapes of products
  • Gas chromatography can separate gases into each component, identify and quantify each component. Total quantity can also be measured
  • Wide range of temperatures (0 to 70℃ or -20 to 100℃)
  • Chambers expandable for up to 3 or 6 samples (at most 16 samples)
  • Highly appropriate for quality control